Blog Policy & Disclaimer

Blog Policy & Disclaimer:

  • The information provided on this blog is for general purposes only. I make my best efforts to provide honest and accurate information based on my personal experience. I am not associated with any brand/company.I am not paid by any brand, PR representative or affiliate for my posts.
  • Please take note that I am not licensed professional. I do recommend products that I am impressed with to my readers but the products that have worked for me might not necessarily work for you. The effects vary from person to person. 
  • All products/services reviewed on this blog have been purchased by my hard-earned money.If a company sends me a product for review, it will be mentioned clearly below the post. My reviews are unaffected by the fact that the product was purchased by me or sent by the brand as a free sample.
  • I do not promote or praise a product sent by the brand unless I genuinely like it. The reviews are honest and unbiased with the pro's and con's clearly stated in the post. The readers trust is of my utmost importance and I strive to publish detailed, comprehensive and honest reviews.
  • The products are thoroughly tested for a few weeks before publishing a product review.
  • Pictures in reviews are original and clicked by me and it is watermarked.Unless Image is watermarked ,source is duly mentioned for all outside pictures and hyperlinked. I do not intend to infringe any copyright even unintentionally.If you wish to use any of my pictures, please email me and take permission first. Action will be taken if anything is copied without my permission.
  • Some times I voluntarily review websites.I also review various websites on Diva Journals when I am provided with a voucher or monetary compensation unless stated otherwise. However, that does not sway my experience and the views mentioned in the post are 100% genuine.
  • All content  except for guests posts are original and written by me.Please do not copy without my permission or without mentioning a link to article/site.
  • All your comments are welcome.Please maintain a healthy debate environment and respect the comment policy.Please do not spam or leave links or make personal attacks,those comments will be deleted and possibly banned from entering my site.
  • The blog also contains some affiliate partner links from which I get a certain percentage upon completion of your purchase.
  • Here are few more things you need to know with respect to product reviews:
  • 1)Products are tested out for a minimum 3-4 weeks before a product review is published.
  • 2)When I mention it cleanses well that does not necessarily mean it lathers well.Lathering is not a important criteria.Some of the best cleansers I have used do not lather a lot but do a superb job of cleansing.
  • 3)Since I have oily-acne prone skin,it is extremely important to know if a product is comedogenic or non-comedogenic.If it breaks me out,it gets a thumbs down from me!
  • 4)Even the hair care products or any product which goes on body has to be non-comedogenic.Hence you will see me writing if it is comedogenic/non-comedogenic.It is a important criteria hence every product review it will be mentioned.
  • 5)Some of the product reviews are pharmaceutical brands which consists of prescription and non-prescription products.Prescription drugs which need to be taken under medical supervision only.I do not endorse or suggest any prescription drugs as I am not a medical professional and I do not have the authority to advise on such products.My only intention is to share my experience with the particular product so that it helps you give better insight into the product.Almost a decade of suffering acne,I have pretty much been under a every acne treatment as advised by my doctor.Hence such products have been obtained under doctor prescription only.