Friday, 21 October 2016

Emolene Dry Skin Treatment Cream Review

Hi Everyone,

One of the common skin problems faced by everyone during monsoons/winters is dry skin.Specially my hands suffer the wrath of the weather and regular moisturisers wasn't doing much.So I visited my dermatologist and she prescribed me Emolene Cream for Dry Skin.Read along to find out more about it.

Emolene Dry Skin Treatment Cream Review

Emolene Dry Skin Treatment Cream Review


Each gram contains:
Propylene Glycol IP-15mg
Diazolidinyl Urea(Preservative)-1.5mg
In a cream base.


Rs.199 for 100grams.

Product Description & Swatches:

Emolene Dry Skin Treatment Cream Review


1)Though it says cream,it is a oil-free,water based gel moisturiser.

2)It does a very good job with moisturisation and heals dry skin due to the presence of Urea and Propylene Glycol which are good skin conditioners/humectant.

3)It is a non-greasy moisturiser.It absorbs instantly.

4)A little product goes a long way!

5)It can be used on face,hands,elbows,feet.It is suitable for all skin types.

6)Easily available.


8)Hygienic packaging.


1)No complete ingredient list.

Directions for use:

Take required quantity of gel/cream and massage it until it is absorbed.Apply it as many times you require.

Final Verdict:

As said before,dry skin is something I face during cold weathers and I need a heavy duty moisturiser.I apply this once or twice in a day,it really does moisturise and heal dry,chapped skin very efficiently.

Don't be fooled by the gel consistency,it does a fantastic job with moisturisation.It is a water-based moisturiser.Out of curiosity,I tried on my face too and fortunately it did not break me out but moisturised the skin.It sort of acts like a primer and can be used underneath the make up as well.I am on to my third tube of Emolene Cream so I thought it certainly deserves a review :)If you are some one like me who faces dryness or dry skin,then I would definitely recommend Emolene Cream for you!Value for money!

My Rating:4/5